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Christopher Orlando McClymont was born in Kingston Jamaica, April 30th, 1993. He spent most of his youth living in Kingston for twelve years before immigrating permanently to the United States Of America. Before gaining his permanent residency in the U.S.A, most of his teenage years were spent traveling, as he moved around quiet frequently throughout his years living in Jamaica.


Christopher’s childhood humbled him into a young man at a tender age, his experiences gave him wisdom and great insight which influenced his music, enriched his culture, and carved his diversity in sound. Chris realized that he had a passion for music that wouldn’t allow him to do anything else; as he got older this passion grew with him.


The name “Chris Matic” was given to him by his neighboring community friends in Garveymeade, Portmore Jamaica. The name “Matic” resonated with his automatic way of selectively firing off lyrics, at any given time he was willing to self -perform his talents and the name also complimented his charismatic personality along with his enigmatic way of reasoning.


His musical background was broadened by his travels and influences such as Sade, Bob Marley, and many others. Being that he was raised in both Kingston Jamaica and the United States Of America, this gave his music transparency and enabled him to merge genres which heightened his performance and outreach.


Chris is currently based in the United States Of America pursing his dream of becoming an International Artiste, he quotes “I’ll rather to be influential than famous”.

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